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MAS Katy Water Bottle Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Thermos Beverage Coffee Bottle Stainless Steel Travel Mug Thermos Flask BPA Free Keeps Cold 24H Hot 24H 25 Oz Black

Volume is 750ml. Double wall stainless steel with 304 stainless steel on the inside and 202 stainless steel on the outside.

MAS Katy Bottle - 2pk

    • Capacity:750ml/25oz,Size:70mm*220mm,Weight:222g/0.49lb
    • Material: made of double-wall stainless steel, inner layer 304(austenitic stainless steel) / outer layer 202 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, the surface of the cup body is sprayed with plastic material, plastic composition: BPA-free food grade PP, stainless steel cup can be used Drinks stay hot and cold for up to 12 hours,Gloss coated brushed stainless steel outside,double wall insulation makes this sports/camping water bottle sweat-free, keep the temperature in the bottle for a long time
    • Our vacuum flask liner adopts the stretching process, the liner has no joints, and the inner wall is smooth. The general vacuum flask liner adopts the water swelling process, and the inner wall has obvious seams, which is not conducive to maintaining the temperature of the liquid in the cup for a long time. (Please see the display picture)
    • Safety: The lid of the cup adopts a silicone sealing ring, which is safe and leak-proof sealing, which can resist high temperature and prevent aging. The cup comes with a safety lock to avoid accidentally opening the lid
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